Today we will learn how to use watercolor pencils for beginners.

If you do not know yet what exactly are the watercolor pencils and how do you paint with them? And wait, do you actually paint or do you draw?

We will discuss best supplies and how to get started. 

Why should you use watercolor pencils?

This is a beginner friendly medium that will help you get the gist of mixing different colors and painting with much more desired control.

It gives an artist to both draw and paint. They look no different, yet when a little bit of water is added you can actually paint with it. 

Another cool thing is that you can actually sharpen your pencil. That would make it incredible if you are after those fine details.

Supplies you need to get you started:

Here, we will overview the best supplies that you will need in order to do your very first watercolor painting.

This is no surprise that pencils wil play a huge role in the succesful outcome of your piece of drawing this is why I will say, you you can invest into a good quality set. 

They will last you a very long time. Bigger the set, more variety you will have overall allowing you to create what you want. 

Our top picks:
1. Arteza – Professional Watercolor Pencils – Set of 120

Crayola Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper is a must and should be over 200 gsm.

This is because we will need to be using water. If the paper gets all bubbly, it is not good for anyone. 

My favorite is: Arteza – Expert Watercolor Pad, 9″ x 12″, 32 Sheets – Pack of 2

This is because it has 2 sides. One side is rough, making it perfect for if you want to create some heavy effect.

Another side is smooth. 

Alternative I found on Amazon that is cheaper. 


When using watercolor pencils, you will need for sure some brushes.

I love water brushes as they are perfect to have for when you are on the go and inspiration strikes you. 

The image above shows Arteza’s Water Brush Pens

If you are more traditional, then any brush can work. I recommend this set:

This is a decent set for a great price. 

See on Amazon.

Other Supplies to stock up on:

I think that when you are just starting out, a pencil with eraser will be needed. As well as tissue paper to wipe out any excess water. 

Getting to know your supplies:

You just bought yourself a set of brand new watercolor pencils. 


So what is next? 

I think it is to make a color chart. That way you will be able to experiment and see what happens when you do different things with it. 

Watercolor Pencil Techniques you can try:

This is a great in-depth video that you can watch and see different ways that you can use pencils. 

Dry Pencil on Wet Paper:

First you will need to moisten the paper and then draw with the pencil on top. The lines will be less precise. 

Wet Pencil on Dry Paper:

You will need to dip the pencil in water and then apply it on surface. 

Dry Pencil on Dry Paper:

This is a technique where you just need to draw using a dry pencil on paper. It is great for details and different textures. 

Watercolor Pencil Tutorials for beginners:

How to draw sunflower?

how to draw a sunflower

This is a step-by-step beginners tutorial on how to draw sunflower in watercolor pencil. It is very easy to copy. If you are feeling flowery, make sure to check it out!

See more here

How to Draw Loose Flowers with Watercolor Pencils

This is a great tutorial for beginner watercolor pencil artists because it shows you exactly how to do flower drawing easy.

If you have found this post useful, do not forget to check out the best colored pencil drawing course: “The Colored Pencil Drawing Course.”

If you are eager to know all of the ins and outs of watercolor pencils then if you take this class you will become a master for sure.