10 Beginner-Friendly Watercolor Painting Tutorials for Spring

Are you an aspiring artist looking to dive into the beautiful world of watercolor painting?

Spring offers a period for creativity – make the most of it! Capture the essence of the season with blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and cheerful melodies.


 If you’re new to watercolor painting, don’t worry! 

Check out our selection of the top 10 YouTube tutorials for beginners to unlock the beauty of spring scenes. These tutorials are easy and will result in a beautiful artwork no matter what.


Lets get to painting!

1: Watering Can with Loose Watercolour Spring Flowers

In this tutorial shows us how to create a beautiful spring watering can with gentle and loose flowers in a few simple steps. The result? Perfect for personalizing your spring-themed cards or framed painting just fir you to see. 

2: Abstract and Easy Cherry Blossom

This is a tutorial of how to paint spring floral blooms wet on dry and wet on wet. It is a short yet easy tutorial that will allow you to have a beautiful sketch by the time that the tutorial is finished. Practice is key to making the sketch look as beautiful as it does. 

3: Spring Meadow

This is a beginner friendly spring watercolour tutorial that shows you exactly how to create a fresh wild flower meadow. It uses a variety of techniques that will make the artwork looking very complex, yet simple to create. 

4: Spring Flowers for Beginners

Learn to create simple yet elegant spring flowers with a tutorial perfect for beginners in watercolor art. Ideal for practice and for making beautiful greeting cards or just as simple sketches in your sketchbook. 

5: Watercolor Tulips

Learn to create beautiful and realistic watercolor tulips with step-by-step instructions that truly bring these delicate flowers to life.

This comprehensive guide serves as an excellent starting point for individuals who aspire to become skilled floral artists, offering a detailed exploration of techniques and tips to enhance your artistic journey.

6: Springtime Blooms

Spring is all about flowers isn’t it? I love to just simply doodle them in my sketchbook. It is such an amazing escape from the world and the anxiety. Start creating by clicking on the tutorial and coping the floral tutorials. 

7. Watercolor Spring Flower Field

Don’t you just love spring, the blooms and the colors? 

In this tutorial you will learn how to paint a very beginner friendly painting with various techniques of wet on wet and wet on dry. Get into the spring mood by following along on this tutorial. 

8. Easy Easter Spring Watercolor Flowers

This is a beginner friendly watercolour paninting tutorial on painting loose spring watercolor flowers in a shape of an egg. It shows a variety of techniques that will create a complex looking painting that is actually quite easy to follow and recreate wether you are a newbie artist or not. 

9. Spring Chick Watercolor

This beginner-friendly watercolor painting tutorial focuses on depicting a charming spring chick using simple, yet effective techniques. Through this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a delightful, spring-inspired chick portrait using watercolors, embodying the essence of the season with ease.

10. Watercolour Easter Bunnies

In this beginner friendly watercolor tutorial on painting an adorable Easter bunny! Whether you’re new to watercolor or looking for a simple project, this step-by-step guide is perfect for you. It breaks down each stage into easy-to-follow instructions, making it a breeze to create your own charming bunny illustration. With gentle blending techniques and simple brushstrokes, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your bunny comes to life on paper.

11. A Watercolour Bluebird

Bluebirds are so cute! They don’t look real, don’t you think? Well they are, and they are so easy to paint with this tutorial. It uses simple shapes and simple outlines to create a painting of a bluebird.