10 Summer DIY Projects you Have to Try:

Summer is very exciting, but occasionally you can feel a little overwhelmed as to understand what to do with yourself and your boredom. We all have

How to make Scrunchies?

Scrunchies are becoming more and more popular. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is make them yourself. This is 10 best round up tutorials

10+ Best Gifts for Artists

Nowadays there are countless options that we can choose from when it comes to choosing the right gift for the artist in your life. Whether it

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How to Draw Flowers

How to draw flowers for beginners?

Table of Contents This blog post will show you pictures of how to do flower drawing easy. You will learn how to create flower drawing easy

sketching tips

7 Sketching Tips for Beginner Artists

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100 Easy Drawing Ideas

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10 Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

Stating a Bullet Journal is very exciting, so I have compiled the list of ideas for complete beginners. Wether you are just looking to start, or

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9 Watercolor Tips for Beginners

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20 Easy Drawing Tutorials

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Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

We all have dreams that we were putting off. Have you been dreaming to start a blog? Launch a business? Or lose weight? Did you know that

Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads

35 Bullet Journal Minimalist Ideas

Do you want to start a bullet Journal yet you are scared that you do nit have enough time. Do not worry. Try these epic minimalist Bullet Journal Spread Ideas.

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How to Draw a Face

This blog post will overview how to draw a face for beginners. We will look at proportions and how to get them right. It is no

Galaxy Watercolor

How to paint galaxy in watercolor?

Galaxies, northern lights and night skies are so inspirational. I think if you are an artist or interested in becoming one then it is one of

How to draw a mouth?

Learning how to draw a mouth can be quite challenging for a lot of beginner artists. It becomes much easier when you are following a tutorial

How to draw female face in 8 steps

Today you will learn how to draw female face for complete beginner artists. So if you never had a successful drawing of a face, this

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How to paint Watercolor Sky

Today we will learn how to paint to the watercolor sky with clouds, without as well as sunset and sunrises. Get excited to learn all


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