Today I will create an overview of top 5 best online watercolor classes for beginner artists seeking some essential watercolor tips to take their art game to the next level. 

If you think that it is time to finally time to learn how to watercolor, then you will find a course just for you.

Wether you want to specialise in learning how to paint tulips, create your first galaxy painting or simply pick up a few watercolor techniques, the classes will fullfill each of your unique desires and make watercolor painting ideas come to life.


This is the course that will teach beginner and intermediate artists watercolor painting techniques. It explains in detail different watercolor materials and techniques that are necessary for ultimate success.

You will learn in detail necessary painting techniques, color theory later learning how to paint landscapes, citiscapes and portraits.

This course comes with 18 ebooks that cover in detail each lesson taught in video format.

You will get:
– 18 illustrated ebooks
– 4.5 hours of on demand video lessons
– confidence when painting with watercolor

This course is for:
– beginner and intermediate watercolor students 

Learn how to paint a new flower every day with help from acclaimed watercolor artist, Yao Cheng.

Through these daily lessons, you will hone your brush skills, discover new color combinations, and learn how to capture light, energy, and movement in your own floral interpretations.

Learn how to:
  • Paint 31 different flowers with watercolors
  • Paint following photo references
  • Paint quickly and hold multiple paintbrushes at once

This foundation class will help you understand essential work+studio basics for realistic watercolour and botanicals.

It is jam packed with wonderful hints, tips, and insights on everything from studio environments, to materials, to important work practices.

The course finishes with 2 levels of exercises, specifically designed to familiarise you with the most common water-colour techniques needed for realistic watercolors and botanicals.

This is a course taught by a self-taught watercolor artist that shows the real step by step starting basics. 

It is taught through play and deliberate practice of painting.

You will learn everything from how to create highlights and shadows in watercolor to three dimensions and what it really takes to master the watercolor medium. 


Last, but not least, this course takes an in-depth look at painting materials that will make mastering watercolor medium really possible!

It will help you to learn essential watercolor techniques much faster and easier, as well as such concepts as how and why watercolor paint is unique and different. 


I know, so many choices…

Hopefuly you have picked the perfect watercolor class for you so that you can finally become a watercolor artist that you knew you should be with the essential watercolor tips picked up from the experts.