Learn how to start sketching daily with this article.

It is not as hard as one might think. It is a crucial part of becoming an artist that you have always wanted to be. 

Let’s jump into the best tips for you!

how to draw hair

Let's gather our supplies:

  1. Sketchbook: This is our favorite brands are Canson and Arteza.
  2. Penicls: Arteza has a great variety at affordable price. Artzmore also great. 
  3. Eraser: As a beginner, it is crucial to have a good eraser to remove all of your mistakes. Acurit is a 4-in-1 eraser, it removes colored pencil, charcoal and is smooth. A must have!

How to Start Sketching?

1. Schedule it in

Set date, time and location for your new habit. Make sure that it is very clear and you can easily follow.

Do you miss your dentist appointment or hanging out with your friends? I am sure that no.

Why? Because you have a day and time set aside for that.

Some people prefer to get that commitment done in the morning for 15 minutes whilst sipping their morning coffee.

That is a great way to start the day as having finished such an important task will boost your self-esteem.

2. Pre-plan what you are going to draw

When you decide in advance, it makes it easier for you to follow through with a task that you have set for yourself.

This will ensure that an excuse that you had an art block does not show through. 

You can always use sketching props like here. Some pages can be labeled lightly in pencil so if ever you are stuck you can just stick to that topic.

3. Right Sketchbook is key for Success!

Get yourself a sketchbook that you can take everywhere you go, and be ok that some sketches will be a mess, and some a masterpiece.

Take time to learn how to use a sketchbook.

Also, look into this guide that shows you how to choose the best sketchbook for you. 

4. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and don't compare yourself.

Allow yourself to make mistakes and become the artist you have always meant to be. 

Instagrammable sketchbooks are very intimidating for anyone. You get the impression that every single page needs to be that perfect.

Don’t think about your sketchbook as an act of performance. Rather allow it to be a pace where you can be the most experimentative. Full of mistakes and weird doodles.

5. Start small

If you have set aside 5 minutes daily for sketching practice, then you are setting yourself up for success.

The next goal would be to allocate more time to this. Gradually increase the time. Because expecting yourself to draw for 4 hours daily from all of a sudden is not very realistic and practical. 

Sketching is amazing!

Hopefully, now you are scheduling in the time when you are going to practice the craft. 
And remember that a 15-minute practice a day is better than none.

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