You have probably seen a lot of amazing artworks and you now hear the calling inside you for art, so I will talk about how to start drawing.

You have probably made the decision to start drawing but you are not sure yet where and how to start.

I absolutely get you! This is why I created this blog.

It was me four years ago when I have decided that I am going to start drawing and there are a couple of things which I wish somebody told me what and how to do. I was feeling completely lost as well as stuck.

All I thought that would make you a successful artist is sketching but as result of that, I have never learned properly what I should do. I was just sketching and sketching and sketching.

tip #1: Learn about art supplies

It is very important to know what are some of the art supplies which are available to you out there as they can come in hand when you are sketching and it is important to know how to use them, even the simple set of different softnesses of the pencil.

All of the art supplies can be quite expensive, so you better learn about them before investing in them.

When you know how to hold a pencil properly, how soft it is and what are the main uses for it.

For the beginners, my personal recommendation would be to experiment with colored pencils as well as normal pencils. I am sure everyone can afford a pencil.

Remember that it is not how expensive the material is, better, but how much you learn and practice. Yes, some materials may be better than others but if you can only afford the cheapest ones, it is fine.

tip #2: Learn how to keep a sketchbook

I have kept a sketchbook all the time for the past four years and I can tell you that still not easy for me to sketch in it every day.


I did not know about two years ago that there is a special way that a sketchbook should be kept.

I believed that you could only sketch in it and that the sketches needed to be as good as Leonardo Da Vinci’s ones.

Well…. I was pretty wrong.

Sketchbook is something that you carry everywhere around you, and writing down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas can count as sketches as they can inspire you for a new painting.

This is where I could really experiment with my style, my self-expression. I have a lot of new ideas coming my way at this time and age.

When I look back, I can easily find what I want to draw next or remember the warm memories about that time that I drank tea in Paris with my family in August. You can stick in there flowers, tickets, receipts, grocery lists and it DOES NOT have to be neat.

How to Start Drawing? 1I would say that yes I like when everything is so neat in my sketchbook. But…

if I would feel pressured to have that always perfect page, I would probably never even draw in that place as that would really only discourage me from drawing.

tip #3: Find artist you look up to

Even as a beginner, you should set goals for your art and have some artist that you look up to.

I would suggest creating a mood board very quickly on Pinterest or wherever you feel most comfortable with it, so you can copy from them, learn from them, as they might have the perfect answer how to draw an eye or even how to maintain the 3D shape of an object.

When I just started out, I have had a book of sketches and I was really willing to able to draw like them, and it really motivated me most of the time. If you set your goals higher, you will do more as this is just how life works: want more=do more.

You should feel motivated to do more and more in order not to fall into any artistic blocks or whatever you would like to call it.

tip #4: Just Start

The most important How? Over here is just to start!

Do not over think this whole concept of art as you just got to do something in order to understand where you are and then decide what you should do in order to improve in art.

Most artistic people just go for it as there is no some perfect formula, but of course, some tips and hacks are always useful no matter what.


tip # 5: Talent is a big, fat myth

I have heard so many times that people say, oh you are just too talented, too good.

Well, I think they just have not seen how much time I was drawing and that I was drawing a lot, none stop. There was a lot of work, hard work, sweat, and sometimes tears as nothing felt like it was working but then again you would take a big deep breath in and do something again after failing at it 156 times. The more you learn, the more you invest in yourself, more courses you take, more art shows you go to the better you will be as artists.

If I would be just laying on the sofa, watching movies all is all that I would do, it would be very dumb for me to stand next to canvas and to expect my art to be as good as Claude Monet. For them, it took a lot of time and effort and motivation.

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