I never thought that one book can change a life. Well – Here it is: “Brainbook: Bullet Journaling your Way to more organized life.

Having been longing for this for a while, I was happy to have found it..

I was tired of always being busy, overwhelmed and stressed.


 I knew that there should be a way to manage my life that is not too hard and complicated.

And I was right. Because I knew that people who seem to be so well put together can also be me one day.

The idea of Bullet Journaling always seemed very appealing to me.


It is a planner that has allowed me to make it truly customized to my needs, get me organised, develop better habits and more with just a notebook. 

It will allow you to finally have the feeling that you are not in a state of constant panic.

It will help you to find the balance, the clarity and the focus that you have been seeking.


How to set up Bullet Journal - Honest Review of Brainbook 37

As it happens to all of us, life gets very very busy and if you are like me, my go to place to escape all life’s trivialities is my Instagram feed.

(Who is not guilty of that?)

I saw one blogger that I love, post her Bullet Journal. I thought, wow, how can a person be so organised. I wanted to give it a go.

So I have followed thousands of accounts on Instagram ( isn’t that what you just do, right?)

My feed was all about Bullet Journaling, but I was still trying to figure out what it was.

Was it a planner? A to do list? Should it be that pretty?

It had words like future log, index. I had no idea what they meant. 

I started my research, and ended up very very confused with plenty of time wasted and nothing actually done. 

It was until I found the book: “Brainbook: Bullet Journaling to a More Organised Life” on Pinterest that has helped me to set up my journal.

It has explained to me how to tailor it to my needs and to my current goals and habits that I would like to track.


What I LOVE about the BrainBook:

1. It has checklists and worksheets:

Don’t you just love checking an item off the checklist? That is exactly the way this ebook is structured. It has a checklist for your Bullet Journal set-up as well as a process for adjusting your journal to your unique needs.

Worksheets ask you questions that you need to be asked in order to set it up for maximum success.

2. Shows plenty of examples:

Although Pinterest and Instagram have got plenty of Inspiration, you will see examples that are used by a real person. They are very simplistic and not intimidating so it is very inspiring to start.

3. Walks you through the process:

Each chapter walks you through the process and guides you on the way for your success. Everything is very well explained.

All of the terminology is explained as well as live examples are given.

What I thought could even be better::

1. Printables could be a little bit more exciting:

I liked that printable came with it. I just thought that with so many possibilities of Bullet Journaling they could be a little bit more creative. They worked well for me at the very start.

2.Doodles would show steps how to draw them:

Not everyone is an artist and explanation would be great.

– have a million to do lists floating around ( that barely if ever get done)
– love pens, notebooks and stationary.
– wish to be a little more organised
– love to journal
– want to set up Bullet Journal tailored to your needs

There is a Brainbook and Starter Kit.

Brainbook: ebook with 116 page guide to assist your Bullet Journal setup
Printable layouts: So you can immediately start your Bullet Journal
Doodle Guide: If you want to be able to do those fancy Bullet Journals that you see on Instagram, then this guide will explain different lettering techniques.
Exclusive FB Group: SO that you can connect with fellow Bullet Journalers, ask questions and share your LOVE for Bullet Journaling.

Get the starter kit here


In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to eliminate “blank page fear” and set up your journal for success from the very beginning (also includes a setup checklist!)

  • Which notebooks and other supplies are best for your needs

  • The key to maintain your journal without it sucking all of your time

  • Advanced tips and tricks to take your journal to the next level

  • Five pivotal success secrets to keep your journal top of mind so it can support everything you do 

  • What to do when your journal isn’t quite working for you

But most of all, you’ll learn how to set up a personalized planning system that simplifies your life, helps you manage all your day-to-day responsibilities in addition to long-term goals, and supports your own personal growth journey, so you can be the wife, mom, friend, daughter, and person you’ve always wanted to be. 

In other words, you’ll finally achieve balance!

Meet the Instructor

Kalyn Brooke is a founder of www.KalynBrooke.com. She is passionate about helping women create a simple and more organised life.

In my opinion, through this book she does just that!