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How to paint Watercolor Sky

How to paint Watercolor Sky

Today we will learn how to paint to the watercolor sky with clouds, without as well as sunset and sunrises.

Get excited to learn all of the tips and tricks that make the artists create astonishing artworks.

At the end you will see epic pieces that will inspire you even more!

How to paint the watercolor sky with clouds?

This tutorial shows you how to paint with ease the watercolor sky. It is very simple and easy to follow the instructions.

All you need now is to grab your best watercolor set and get creating!

This is another great tutorial that will teach you how to paint the sky in 5 minutes.

All you will need is 1 color. Make sure to watch, and repeat!

Here, you can look over the shoulder of an artists as she does the color study of different clouds.

They look epic! SO pay plenty of attention and get drawing!

This video tutorial will show you exactly what it takes to get watercolor clouds and sky.

It shares the most essential tips that you every watercolor beginner must learn and practice!


Birds and Sky

Watercolor has the essence that no other pigment has. It allows you to portray the flowy nature and as a result help you create very cute outcomes.

Sunset Sky and Birds

Don’t you just love how bright the colors are and how everything just goes so well together!

I love how bright pink is on this piece. It creates an epic contrast with blue.

Watercolor, Snow, and Trees

Understanding how to do proper background for sky is essential because look how cool those paintings as a result are created.

It is nothing more than that they are simply E-P-I-C!

Cute Cloud Studies

Look at these adorable and cute cloud studies. I think that they work really really well.

It is great that you can simply copy and add them on your wall.