How to Paint Animals in Watercolor for Beginners

May 10, 2024

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Painting animals with watercolors is a fun and easy way to start making art! This guide is for beginners who want to paint animals like cute puppies or friendly cats. We’ll show you simple steps so you can create beautiful animal paintings.

Watercolors are great because they let you show the soft fur and bright colors of animals. In this article, you’ll learn basic skills like mixing colors, layering paint, and adding details. Whether you’re new to painting or just looking for a fun project, painting animals in watercolor is a wonderful way to enjoy art and nature.

Let’s get our brushes ready and start painting animals with watercolors!

Lets gather our supplies:

You don’t need a lot to get started, just always it is better to be prepared. These are my honest recommendations that I love and use. 

How to Paint Animals in Watercolor for Beginners 1
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  1. Watercolor brushes: get a medium brush (size 5 or 8), small size(1,2,4), and a flat brush. They will be used to create different effects when painting. Sable brushes are the best, if you want to create a professional looking piece of art.
  2. Watercolor paper: Paper will make a big difference in the outcome. It doesnt matter if you want hot or cold pressed paper. I recommend Strathmore or Winsor & Newton for beginners, but if you want to splurge then Arches paper is the best
  3. Best Watercolor Paints:The ones that I use and love is the Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set. They have so many colors to pick from, perfect for flowers. But if you are just a beginner you can get smaller colors range Winsor & Newton Cotman 24 Whole Pans Set
  4. Pencil: Best to use H, or 2H, making sure you do not have any bright lines. I love this set from Staedtler Mars. 
  5. Water jug: This can be anything, even an old cup or a jar from pickles. 
  6. Tissue paper: Grab your kitchen roll
  7. Eraser: Make sure that it is white and does not leave any marks. I use either normal one or a kneaded eraser to just get a lighter shade of the piece. 

Lets get started to learn how to paint different food items for beginners:

Step-by-Step Food Tutorials:

01. Watercolor Tutorial for a Giraffe

Discover a world of creativity with this step by step watercolor tutorial on how to paint a giraffe step by step. At first, it may seem a little overwhelming and difficult but with a little bit of practice, you can create an absolutely beautiful sketch for yourself. 

02. How Paint a French Bulldog

Painting a french bulldog may seem a little challenging because of their specific facial features, but this tutorial breaks it down exactly how it should be painted for beginner artist. Also, never worry if it does not look realistic, it is so much more important to just create then be focused wether or not it does look good. 

03. Step by Step Dolphin Watercolor Tutorial

It is a watercolor tutorial for beginners on how to paint a gorgeous dolphin. It is such a perfect summer vibe watercolor painting that you do not need to be a professional. 

04. Watercolor Tutorial: Happy Lazy Sloth

Learn how to paint step by step lazy sloths. Because being restful, lazy and laid back is beautiful. Embrace this mood with this step by step tutorial for complete beginner artists. 

05. Paint Labrador Puppy Easy Step By Step

Puppies are such adorbale creatures, and if you are feeling inspired to paint one of them than you are in the right place. This tutorial shows you exactly how to go about it. 

06. How to Paint a Cat in Watercolor

Cats are so cute and adorable, that you want to take pictures of them, paint them and just be obsessed with them. This simple tutorial shows you exactly how to paint this gorgeous animal that we are lucky enough to call our pet. 

07. How to Paint a Robin in Watercolor

Robin birds are absolutely wonderful. Their red bellies make them look so cute. Follow along this step by step watercolor tutorial, so that it can be a great addition to your sketchbook. 

08. Watercolor Owl Tutorial

This is a perfect beginner friendly tutorial on how to paint an owl step by step for beginner artists. Thing about art is that it does not need to be realistic. It needs to make you happy as soul. 

9. Step By Step Mouse Tutorial for Beginners

This cartoonish watercolor tutorial on how to paint a mouse is so perfect. It shows you how to approach the task of painting this creature in watercolor step by step. You can have it as a part of an illustration or just a painting for the sketchbook. 

10. Step by Step Hummingbird Tutorial

Learn with this tutorial how to paint a hummingbird in watercolor, step by step. Perfect for those seeking a vibrant and tropical touch to their collection!

11. How to Paint a Hedgehog in Watercolor

Learn with this tutorial how to paint a hedgehog step by step. It is perfect for any nature lover, r as a card design or a simple sketch. You can pair them with cute mushrooms or a fox. 

12. Cute Lion Tutorial Step By Step

This yellow and bright lion is a cartoon way of painting a lion. It can look very well as a birthday card for a loved one, because a handmade gift is always so much more soulful. 

13. Watercolor Clown Fish Tutorial

Learn with this tutorial how to paint a clownfish with this step by step tutorial. It is a perfect summer sketch idea to add a pop of color to your sketchbook. 

14. How to Paint a Chubby Cat in Watercolor

Learn with this tutorial how to paint a chubby cat step by step. Perfect for capturing the beauty of your beloved pet, just add the colors that your pet is and they will be lucky to have a painting of them by you. 

15. Painting a Squirrel in Watercolor

Learn with this tutorial how to paint a squirrel step by step. It’s a fantastic addition to any sketchbook. No matter the season, squirrels are always in the park so may be it is your turn now to paint them in your sketchbook. 

16. How to Paint an Bird in Watercolor Step by Step

Learn with this tutorial how to paint an bird step by step. Bring a piece of nature into your sketchbook with this tutorial. 

17. How to Paint a Purple Snail

Learn with this watercolor tutorial how to paint a snail step by step in watercolor. Perfect for a summer postcard. The thing about snails is that you van decorate their shells however you like. 

18. How to Paint a Dragon Step by Step

Learn with this tutorial how to paint a dinosaur.  May be you want to paint the animals from the past, you do you. 

19. Goose Painting Tutorial

Learn with this tutorial how to paint a goose in watercolor step by step. Perfect for capturing the essence of nature. Pay close attention to relative proportion as that is the main reason why your painting may look a little off. Do not be afraid to trace when you are just starting out. 

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, then do not forget to check out this watercolor course for complete beginners called: “Get Started with Watercolor.” 

The course is  designed for beginner artists wishing to explore and improve watercolor painting techniques.

If you have been wanting to improve your watercolor skills then do not forget to check it out!