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How to Draw Using a Biro Pen?

How to Draw Using a Biro Pen?

Biro Pen is one of my favorite materials that I like to use when I am drawing. It is great to use when either you are doing GCSE or an A-level, or just doing it for whatever kind of reason you want to use.I discovered this technique the I was in Year 10 starting doing my GCSE art course and I have used it to draw my final piece in Year 11. First, it was quite hard to understand how to properly use this material and how to make it look realistic.

In this blog post, I will share with you what I learned over the period of 2 years using the pen.

I learned how to use the pen by watching loads of videos on youtube, time lapse, how to’s.

These are just some of them, that have helped me the best.

So first let’s talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of using this Biro Pen.

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Advantages are that it does not smudge, it is extremely cheap and it is very easy to manipulate it.

The disadvantages are that you can not erase what you just have done, you can still smudge it a bit if you move your hand across as you just a millisecond ago have drawn there. Also if you use the pen incorrectly, it will create blobs of ink, but it is escapable if you will clean the tip of your biro between every now and then.

My personal opinion is that the pen is great even if it is not erasable, it builds the confidence as an artist.

So here are some of my do’s and do not do’s. 

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How to draw with this pen?

It is all pretty simple. Use the cross-hatching method. Do not put a lot of pressure on a pen. Follow the shape of a thing that you re trying to draw. I found this video helpful on how to cross hatch.

Another of my tips is to just practice, practice, practice, but also watch how the people who better than you draw. First of all, it will make you take some of their techniques and make you want to do and draw even better.

What kind of pens should I use?

I actually used a lot of pens, but my all-time favorite was

The Bic pen and Pilot super Grip F. I love to buy them on Amazon.