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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to draw and paint rose flowers! Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist looking to refine your floral techniques, this guide is your ideal starting point.

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through the process of drawing and painting roses, from the first pencil stroke to the final brushstroke of color. Our step-by-step instructions are designed to make the process straightforward and enjoyable, helping you to capture the elegance and beauty of roses in your artwork.

We’ll begin by teaching you the basic shapes and structures that form a rose, then move on to adding details that bring your drawing to life. Finally, we’ll guide you through painting techniques that will give your roses depth and vibrancy.

Let's gather our supplies:

In order to be successful in the completion of the tutorials, you will need a few supplies. 

There is an option to do a simple drawing of flowers or you can follow further along and actually color the flowers in using watercolor paints. 

  1. Sketchbook: There is no right or wrong sketchbook. Depends what you like, if you are feeling fancy then you can get a Moleskine, but there are plenty of other more affordable options if you are just starting out like this one on Amazon . 
  2. Pencils:  Staedtler Mars pencils have always been my go to and favorite of all time. I have been using them since I went to art school. Some artists love to use a mechanical pencils to have thin and precise line, that is also absolutely up to you and you preference. I’d recommend this one. 
  3. Eraser: As a beginner, it is crucial to have a good eraser to remove all of your mistakes. I like to have 2 earsers on me, one kneaded eraser from Faber-Castell and another normal one. 
  4. Sharpener: Because if you want to have those fresh and crisp lines, you will need to have your tools sharpened and ready to go. I recommend this one. 
  5. Book: It is a full guide from the artist on how to draw the flowers, where you can learn how to draw flowers off screen and in no time become a pro. Get the book now.


I do not know about you, but roses are my favorite flowers! 

They look incredible but can be a bit of a pain when it comes to drawing them. 

Fortunately, today you will learn exactly how to approach and draw roses for beginners. 

How to draw a Rose?

how to draw a rose bud

Step 1: Create a rough outline of the flower. It should be in the shape of a bud. Make sure to place a middle there. We will use it as a base for other petals in the forthcoming steps to make flower drawing easy.

Step 2: Start by placing the front end petals of the flower right where they should be. Make sure to look closely and not to imagine things the way you wish they would be. 

Step 3: In order to make a successful drawing of a rose, make the overlapping petals appear and add a bit of roughness to the edges to create the most realistic look possible. 

how to draw roses

Here a rose drawing has a lot more movement to it. The way petals wrap around the flower creates a look that is an astonishing and much cooler effect.

When drawing, ensure that you pay close attention and draw in those missing parts and it will make flower drawing easy. 

how to draw a rose

When you are finished with the pencils drawing, you will be able to add watercolor so that your final piece looks incredible and you can finally feel like you know how to draw flowers well. 

How to paint Roses in watercolor?

rose drawing watercolor

Below is a video that shows watercolor techniques used by the artist that makes flower drawing easy. 

If you watch closely, you will be able to replicate the exact style. At least if you practice enough, you will get it right. 

And yes, if you do pay attention you can pick up her style. I think this watercolor artist did a great job in explaining how to go about and create. 

If you liked the tutorials, support the artist: Kate Kyehyun Park and giver her a follow on Instagram!

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, then do not forget to check out the book where you will have all of the tutorials at your fingertips by the artist. She did such an amazing job in my opinion. 

In Drawing and Painting Beautiful Flowers, discover how to draw flowers such as cosmos, hibiscus, canola, lily of the valley, hydrangea, foxglove, and more from various angles, and learn about perspective and shading. Once you have the skills to draw a single flower, learn how to draw groupings and wreaths. Mix in leaves and smaller flowers to create a variety of looks.