Today you will learn how to draw female face for complete beginner artists. So if you never had a successful drawing of a face, this blog post will be a game-changer for you.

This is a blog post that I would advise you to save and look into later as a reference for your future drawings.

You will learn the basic proportions, where and how to place all the features of the face such as the nose, ears, and lips. 


In order to get started with the tutorial, there are a few things that you must have handy. Make sure that you are ready before starting. 

Get the following items: 

All supplies gathered? Let’s start!

How to draw female face in 8 steps?

Step 1: Draw the outline of the face and supporting lines

how to draw female face

Start by sketching an outline oval of the face. It should have an oval egg shape that is usually more narrow towards the bottom.

This will greatly vary from person to person. To make sure that the face is exactly as you wish it to remember this proportion:

The half-width of the face should fit into the face 3 times. 

Draw a line down the middle of the face. This will help you with maintaining correct proportions throughout. 

Next, let’s divide the face into 4 equal parts. 

Each line will represent the hairline, eyes, nose, and mouth.

How to draw female face in 8 steps 2

Step 2: Draw the eyes

How to draw female face in 8 steps 4

Eyes are the hardest part to draw.  Beginners usually place them high up on the forehead, but actually they are right in the middle of the face.

How far apart should eyes be?

A typical head is 5 eyes wide. You can measure that place with a ruler and divide it by 5. That will result in you having measurement for 1 eye. 

Read more here: How to draw eyes for beginners. 

Step 3: Draw nose & eyebrows

How to draw female face in 8 steps 6

Noses also are challenging. So remember this rule, the width of the nose is from the start of one eye and the other.

Some people have a bit more narrow nose or wider, but this is what applies to most people. 

So how to draw eyebrows?

The eyebrows end by the line that was drawn from the end width of the nose till the end of the eye. That way it is very easy to locate the end of the eyebrows.

Step 4: Draw the lips

How to draw female face in 8 steps 8

To find how long the lips should be, draw a line from the middle of the eye downwards. 

The width of the chin equals the width of the nose.

From the base of the nose until the chin line you can find where to place the upper lip and lower lip arches. 

The middle of the lips is located in ⅓ in the lower bottom of the face.

Step 5: Draw the ears

It’s very easy to imagine that humans have small ears.

They are actually quite big. So this is how you place them correctly:

Ears are located from the brow line till the end of the nose.

How to draw female face in 8 steps 10

Step 6: Draw in the hair

The most common mistake is to place it right at the top of the head. The hairline is typically about a quarter to a third of the way from the top of the head to the eyebrows. 

How to draw female face in 8 steps 12

Step 7: Erase the lines

How to draw female face in 8 steps 14

Step 8: Add in the lights and darks to the portrait

How to draw female face in 8 steps 16

The final step is to shade in the face. How to do that is for another tutorial but just place where you see lights and dark.

Now to master drawing portraits takes time and practice. Save this tutorial and practice as much as you can. Then you will become a pro!

I promise you!