We all have dreams that we were putting off.

Have you been dreaming to start a blog? Launch a business? Or lose weight?

Did you know that every successful person focuses on process (a.k.a habits) instead of a result and this might be as well an answer to help you achieve your goals and dreams? 

The process can be intimidating as the desired results can seem so far away.

This is exactly why habit tracking can be very stimulating.

A mental reward, the accountability and the self respect is built this way.

Because everyone wants to be in shape, have abs and lean legs, yet who actually accomplishes that goal?

  • People who put in the daily work.
  • Regular (boring) healthy exercise and eating habits.
  • Not very motivating, yet tracking helps you to see your progress and watch yourself move a little closer to a goal

Why Track Habits and Journal?

Because to achieve any goal would not happen overnight.

It is a gradual process that can take a while.

It is a bit like ice. In order for ice to melt, for example, it needs to be O degrees celsius. All of the work before was necessary to reach the goal, but the results can only be seen after a while.

Habit tracking is great because it keeps you:

  1. Accountable: easily sets you up to become a person who you always wanted to be.
  2. Focused: It will help you to focus on process, activate the reward system in your brain for doing it and help you make the journey more enjoyable.
  3. Motivated: checking the boxes and maintaining the chain is very addictive as a process.

So that exercising as an example, for me, the reward is not to break the chain on my tracker and that maintains my momentum to keep going.

This might as well be a tool to help you do more in less time.

The habit tracker can be your new BFF helping you:

  •  to lose weight
  • start a blog
  • be happier
  • more productive
  • not keeping everything in the brain until it explodes.

Supplies for Habit Tracker Set-Up:

  1. Fineliner pen:
    My favorite are: SakuraPentel and Faber Castell
  2. Highlighters:
    My favorite are: Zebra Midliner, Stabilo Boss Highlighters.
  3. Brush Pens:
    My favorite are: TomBow Colored and Black Brush pens.
  4. Bullet Journal: 
    My favorite are: Leuchtturm1917, Dingbats and Moleskine.  

How to Set Up Habit Tracker?

Start with the last day and work your way back so that you do not run out of space.

Imagine the frustration you would feel if you do not have enough space.

When to fill in my Habit tracker?

I like to do it at the end of the day to simply sit down and fill out my tracker. It helps me to feel more present and grounded.

If you did achieve the habit, you can tick it off or color it in. Really up to you. 

Whatever will help you be more motivated.

What can I log in my Habit tracker?

Possibilities are really endless. There is just so much to track:

  •  health goals
  • career
  • self-improvement
  • household
  • financials
  • family
  • and more!
Read more below exactly what and how to track. 

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Health and Fitness:

  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Yoga
  • Track calories
  • Hit step goal
  • No processed sugar
  • Ketosis
  • Meditation
  • Stretch
  • Eat ‘X’ servings of vegetables
  • Drink ‘X’ glasses of water
  • No soda
  • No alcohol
  • No junk food
  • Ride bike to school/work
  • Record weight

Health and Hygiene:

  • Take AM medication
  • Take PM medication
  • Take vitamins
  • Brush teeth 2x
  • Floss
  • Mouthwash
  • Brush hair
  • Take shower
  • Put on makeup
  • Get dressed
  • Skincare routine
  • Shave
  • Sunscreen
  • Period
  • Ovulating
  • Take birth control


  • Sweep/mop
  • Laundry
  • Cook dinner
  • Meal prep
  • Grocery shopping
  • Dust
  • Organize/declutter
  • Change bedding
  • Clean out refrigerator 
  • Make bed
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Quick Clean
  • Water plants
  • Load/unload the dishwasher


  • Study
  • Take notes
  • Read for class
  • To class on time

Blog/Entrepreneur/ Career:

  • Social marketing
  • Write blog post
  • Send email
  • Instagram post
  • New shop listing
  • Youtube video
  • Reach out to customer/client
  • Learn something new in my industry
  • Network with others in my industry
  • Made a sale
  • Go live on social media
  • Respond to emails
  • Vacuum


  • Read
  • Write in my journal
  • Bullet journal
  • Daily affirmation
  • Call friend/family member
  • Dream
  • Get out of the house
  • Prayer
  • Read Bible
  • Wake up by ‘X’ AM
  • Go to bed by ‘X’ PM
  • Get ‘X’ hours of sleep
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Daily gratitude
  • Good deed
  • No anxiety
  • No social media after ‘X’ PM
  • Under ‘X’ hours TV/video game time
  • No self-harm
  • No smoking


  • Pay bills/debts
  • No spend
  • No eating out
  • No online purchases


  • Quality time with kids
  • Quality time with significant other
  • Intimacy
  • Kids’ bath
  • Homework
  • No yelling


  • Walk pet
  • Feed pet
  • Love on pet

Possibilities are endless.

It all depends on the goal that you are trying to achieve.

Then break down the big goal into small daily habits that you must do to accomplish your goals.

It is very simple to start to do and no need to overcomplicate things.

Look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.

Also, it is useful to just start and see what habits do you actually want to track and what is not necessary. That is truly eye-opening.

Let’s get our habits together and kick-ass!

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