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15 Astonishing Flower Doodles Tutorials: beginner-friendly!

15 Astonishing Flower Doodles Tutorials: beginner-friendly!

In this post today you will learn how to create simple flower doodles for your bullet journal or even just a sketchbook.

These are easy flower doodles that will be perfect both for beginner artists and nonartists alike.

I have compiled a list of both video and picture tutorials that you will love because it shows exactly flower drawing step by step. 


This is the list of the best bullet journal supplies that you can start using when you are doing a journal. You can use any notebook or pen but these are just my suggestions.

  1. Bullet Journal: Leuchtturm1917, Dingbats and Moleskine.  
  2. Pen:Sakura, Pentel and Faber Castell.
  3. Highlighters: Zebra Midliner, Stabilo Boss Highlighters.
  4. Brush Pens: Tombow Colored and Black Brush pens.

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12 Simple Flower Doodles

This tutorial reviews how to create 12 simple flower drawings. 

Here, she explains how to doodle camomile flowers and goes in great detail on how to draw different buds and shapes that you can replicate in your artwork.

She takes and breaks the complex concepts into simple flower drawings. 

Simple Floral Doodles

This video is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with flowers and leaves.

You will learn how to doodle mini flowers.  The artist takes you from an absolute beginner to a person that can be very proud to say of the floral doodles that they have accomplished.

By the end of her video lessons, you will be able to draw flowers. 

They are such easy drawing ideas, love them!

Easy Flower Doodle

This cool video tutorial shows you exactly how to approach flowers when drawing making them perfect for when you are trying to decorate your bullet journal or simply to add sketches to your sketchbook.

Other Easy Flower Doodle Tutorials:

The first flower that is covered in this tutorial is how to doodle daisies. She shows exactly how to create thin petals. Next, she shows exactly how she doodles poppies. The next flower that she shows us how to draw a tulip, daffodil, thistle, and bluebells.

This video tutorial shows bullet journal doodle ideas not only florals. This is perfect for when you are just in the mood to decorate your bullet journal but out of ideas what to do.

This tutorial shows exactly how to doodle a flower for beginners in 10 different ways.

How to Draw Lavender

How to Draw a Rose

how to draw a rose

Learn how to draw a rose step by step with this simple doodle tutorial.

How to Draw Wild Flowers

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How to Doodle Simple Flowers

simple flowers

How to Draw Plants Step By Step

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How to Draw Gladiolus

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How to Draw a Sunflower Step by Step

sunflower doodle

This is a such a simple bujo sunflower doodle that you can easily replicate.

Cute Botanical Doodles

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How to Doodle a Daisy

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How to Doodle a Flowerpot

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How to Draw a Basic Branch

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This is perfect for when you want to decorate your bullet journal fonts but out of drawing ideas.

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