As someone very important once said, if you never made a mistake, you have never tried anything new.

I know how scary it is to make a mistake in a new bullet journal.

If you mess up, well done, that means you are on a way to becoming a bullet journal expert.

Did you try a new layout and it turned out wonky?

Or a new doodle and it just looks weird and funny?

5 Ways to Fix your Bullet Journal Mistakes

Bullet journal

Tip #1: Add Washi tape

Do you have a doodle that did not turn out? Or you made a mistake or simply design did not work.

Washi tape is incredible because it has so many colors. If it is one mistake, then use 1 strip. If it is bigger, then use 2.

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Tip #2: Cover it up with a Sticker

That is such a simple idea, as when you have not made the exact layout or doodle, just put a sticker on top. No need to turn over a page and start again. Easy-peasy!

Tip #3: Use Scrapbook Paper

Each page in my bullet journal is P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S. Because when you buy a Leuchtturm1917 notebook, each page has to look close to perfect.

If your monthly page, lets say, did not turn out as you wished, then use scrapbook paper. It might be the most creative page in the journal. Embrace that!

Tip #4: Print Grid Paper

This is my fav trick! Simply download grid paper, print it out and stick it in.


That way no one will actually notice. You might even forget.

Tip #5: Use White Gel Pen

White pen can save you so much head-ache. Make sure it is good quality. 

My favorite is: Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 10 Bold Point Pen (3 Pack)

If you do make mistakes, cover it up and continue creating your perfect bullet journal!

Now you have the best tools needed in order to have the most picture perfect bullet journal. Or at least weird doodle – free bujo.

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