Easter is such a lovely time of the year.  It falls during the beginning of Spring, when flowers are beginning to bloom and the days are getting longer.

 For many of us, it means we get to spend time with our family and friends, eat lots of chocolate and partake in egg-cellent activities! 

However, having so much fun can require a lot of planning, which is why you’ll probably need to use your bullet journal a lot this Easter period. 

Whether you need inspiration for your April monthly cover, want to create checklists for buying Easter eggs (so you don’t forget any little cousins this year) or need to organise your family meals, you can be sure to create amazing bujo spreads with these Easter bullet Journal ideas!

Let’s gather our supplies:

Although, initially Bullet Journal was designed to be minimalistic. Here are some supplies that you are going to LOVE when setting it all up for easter!

  1. Fineliner pen:
    My favorite are: SakuraPentel and Faber Castell
  2. Highlighters:
    My favorite are: Zebra Midliner, Stabilo Boss Highlighters.
  3. Brush Pens:
    My favorite are: TomBow Colored and Black Brush pens.
  4. Bullet Journal: 
    My favorite are: Leuchtturm1917, Dingbats and Moleskine.  

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15 Easter Theme Ideas:

Easter Bullet Journal

#1. Easter Theme Weekly Spread

This bullet journal weekly spread is so cute, filled with lot of bright colours and fun Easter inspired doodles.

It has plenty of space to plan each day and also add notes, events or tasks.

Supplies in the photo: Tombow Pen Dual. 

Easter Bullet Journal Idea

#2. Happy Easter Cover Page

A gorgeous pen design of a decorated Easter Egg. Use different patterns and you can create a really unique bullet journal cover with different bullet journal fonts!

Supplies used to create this spread: UniPen

Easter Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

#3. Easter Egg Mood Tracker

If you want to log your mood over the Easter period, this is a perfect mood tracker for your bullet journal.

Easter Bullet Journal Ideas

#4. Cute Bullet Journal Easter Doodles

If you have a blank page in your bullet journal, why not practice your doodling and create a page for all your Easter drawings. These are so sweet and easy to make!

Supplies used: Stabilo BOSS highlighters, Fineliner Pens.

Easter Bullet Journal

#5. Adorable April Monthly Cover

This monthly cover features three lovely little easter bunnies with bouquets of carrots. 

15 Easter Theme Ideas for Bullet Journal 41

#6. Egg Basket Gratitude Log

Get creative with your gratitude logs and recreate this easter egg basket design. You can use this to document each special moment you have during Easter.

Easter Bullet Journal Ideas

#7. Chocolate Eggs Monthly Calendar

This is such a pretty bujo spread. It includes printed photos of mini chocolate eggs and matching coloured washi-tape.

Supplies used: Zebra MidlinerStabilo BOSS.

Easter Bullet Journal Dividers

#8. Spring Theme Dividers

These dividers are simply stunning, an ideal way to add fun into your Easter-themed bullet journal spreads.

Easter Bullet Journal Idea

#9. Baby Chicks Cover Page

Love to create detailed drawings? This cover page is beautiful and eye-catching.

Supplies used: TomBow Dual Brush pens.

Easter Bullet Journal Mood Tracker
@ onki_art

#10. Colourful Hello April Cover Page

Say hello to April and welcome the Easter festivities with this bright bullet journal cover page. The rainbow of eggs really pop!

Supplies used: Faber Castell pen.

15 Easter Theme Ideas for Bullet Journal 53

#11. Peek-A-Boo Bunny April Calendar

Aren’t these easter bunny doodles just the cutest?

Easter Bullet Journal

#12. Happy Easter Weekly Spread

This weekly spread features incredibly realistic paintings of all things Easter related.

The overlapping eggs layout is also unique!

Easter Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

#13. Spring Theme April Monthly Spread

This monthly spread gives us major Spring vibes.

The flowers and bumble-bee give the spread a light and fresh look.

You can also log all your special Easter events and goals here.

Easter Bullet Journal

#14. Beautiful Easter Tasks Bujo Spread

Busy this Easter? You can create a checklist for all your errands and take it to another level by adding a big floral design.

Supplies used: Micron pens.

Easter Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

#15. Pretty Easter Bunny Mood Tracker

This mood tracker is super cool and creative, a great addition to your easter bullet journal. I love the colors the creator used!

That’s it! My list of top easter bullet journal ideas. 

There’s no doubt you’ll be able to take some inspiration and re-create some super impressive spreads of your own!

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