This is the ultimate list of tutorials that will show you 20 easy drawing tutorials, everything from how to draw a portrait to how to draw water as well as create flower drawing easy.

I am sure you will refer back to this list many times. 

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Let's gather our supplies:

In order to be successful in the completion of the tutorials, you will need a few supplies. 


  1. Sketchbook: There is no right or wrong sketchbook. Depends what you like, if you are feeling fancy then you can get a Moleskine, but there are plenty of other more affordable options if you are just starting out like this one on Amazon . 
  2. Pencils:  Staedtler Mars pencils have always been my go to and favorite of all time. I have been using them since I went to art school. Some artists love to use a mechanical pencils to have thin and precise line, that is also absolutely up to you and you preference. I’d recommend this one. 
  3. Eraser: As a beginner, it is crucial to have a good eraser to remove all of your mistakes. I like to have 2 earsers on me, one kneaded eraser from Faber-Castell and another normal one. 
  4. Sharpener: Because if you want to have those fresh and crisp lines, you will need to have your tools sharpened and ready to go. I recommend this one. 

How to draw people:

We see people everywhere. There are a lot of people who dream to become an amazing artist who can draw the human figure and face, yet it takes a lot of time.

Understanding how to draw humans helps to have a better artistic expression overall. So let’s get started!

1. How to draw a person

No doubt that drawing people can be quite hard, yet learning the proportions and simply putting in the practice might as well be a game-changer for you.

2. How to draw eyes

This tutorial goes in-depth on what it actually takes to draw an eye that is very easy to follow and understand. So set yourself some time aside and follow each step.

In order to get better at anything in life, you have to just start somewhere. It can be where you are because the truth is, if you are not practicing, you are not improving.

3. How to draw a figure

Drawing a human figure is one of the hardest things to do. Watch this video.

Not once, but a couple of times and get yourself ready for major artistic improvements in your drawing style I promise it will be worth every erased line and anger!

4. How to draw muscles

Muscle is a feature that some people might find attractive, so knowing how to draw this element as a pro can actually help you to improve overall as an artist.

I see a lot of time knowing how to draw everything, just not the muscles themselves and letting down the whole drawing what is actually a shame.

5. How to draw faces

This simple step by step tutorial will share all of the hacks and tips on drawing faces.

It is great as both male and female face is shown.

Although both genders have similar features, small details can help the genders to be differentiated as a whole.

6. How to draw a nose

Noses are a beautiful feature on the human’s face, yet this video is going to be the one that will finally teach you how to draw it successfully.

Noses do not have to be hard anymore, just take a pencil, open your sketchbook and start drawing. Practice!

7. How to draw hair

Hair drawing always came easy for me, I even did my GCSE art project on a Topic called “Hair.” I know…

So the best tip is not to be afraid to create contrasting colors and simply add bright highlights and very dark colors in the shade!

8. How to draw hands

Watch this video, re-watch it and take note. Hands are hard to draw, yet when you do get them right, there is nothing that is more rewarding than this.

Once you do realize that the secret is simply practice, I am sure this video will be played on replay.

9. How to draw lips:

These lips are very interesting to be able to draw. They are very realistic in this tutorial. Once you draw something in detail, it is so much easier to draw it later on as a sketch,

I used this video as an example as it also includes teeth. They are hard to be able to get right and this is the whole tutorial on everything that you need.

How to draw animals:

Animals are very heartwarming to draw. It is really fun when it is turning out exactly as you have envisioned it in your head.

1. How to draw a dog

Dogs is a human friend, but when it comes to drawing them to get proportions can be very hard and not in the correct proportions.

Follow this tutorial step by step to master dog drawing skills.

2. How to draw a cat

Getting the cat fur texture right is essential for the likeliness of the features. To learn to do it, I am sure the most useful thing is to learn by watching.

So watch it and re-watch it until it looks like that. I believe in you!

3. How to draw a horse

Horses have got interesting proportions that are going to need to be learned.

This video shows some techniques that are essential for mastering how to draw horses.

4. How to draw a lion

Lion King came out, so lions are quite trendy to draw. Personally they have been my favorite thing to draw for a while now.

5. How to draw fur

Drawing fur is different than drawing hair on humans. There is nothing wrong with that.

How to draw Nature:

Nature is some sort of natural medicine. It helps with anxiety, depression and so much more.

It is great to be able to draw a landscape and flowers. It helps you to be a much more well-rounded individual when you know how to draw so many subjects.

1. How to draw a rose

Roses have been very popular, not only to draw. They are used in perfumes, as inspiration and gifts.

This tutorial goes in detail over the structure of a rose and what it takes to succeed as a flower artist.

2. How to draw landscape

Landscape drawing never came easy to me and a lot of artists I know. This tutorial helps you to understand what it takes to draw what you see in your head or even in front of you.

It is crazy how a little tip will help you to grow and improve.

3. How to draw water

I think this was a trendy thing to draw when I was in school. This is definitely easy and impressive when you show it to someone. So follow the instructions and impress people around you.

They will be asking if you drew this. So get ready!

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, then do not forget to check out the book where you will have all of the tutorials at your fingertips by the artist. She did such an amazing job in my opinion.