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25 Realistic Colored Pencil Art you Must See!

25 Realistic Colored Pencil Art you Must See!

Creating colored pencil art is very epic. I have compiled a list of 25+ artworks that will make you want to learn how to use colored pencils for beginners.

They are so beautiful, realistic drawings that anyone who truly wants to be inspired must pin all of the images and give each artist a follow for sure.

Artists create and we support them as an exchanchange, right?

My favourite one is 23) so you will need to scroll ALL THE WAY to see it haha!

Now it is YOUR turn to find the favourite!

1. Realistic Paint

This is such a cool drawing in coloured pencils of paint.

If the pencils were not laying nearby, then I am sure I would think it is actual paint, right?

2. Kermit Drawing from Muppet Show

Kermit is a funny character, but isn’t it incredible how realistic this drawing of him is?

It only can leave you speechless:) So please follow the artist and support his art!

3. Rainbow Strawberries

These realistic rainbow strawberries are so pretty.

I would love to see that as wall art or something in my home. Do you agree?

4. Realistic Chocolate Cupcake Drawing

I love chocolate cupcakes. If you do too, then let’s save this as a home screen or something. It is so so cool.

Love it!

5. Fashion Shoe Drawing

Who knew that shoes in colored pencils would look so epic. I think that they look even prettier than if they would in real life?

What do you think?

6. Red Eye Drawing

This is such a cool red eye drawing that looks so real.

It is cool to see some creepy art that can get you so inspired.

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7. Turtle Drawing

Under the sea is such a perfect drawing idea that you must see. It seems quite hard to do with is much textures that you need to be able to portray as a result.

At the same time it is very very cool.

8. Green Lips Drawing

Lips are always cool. Especially is they are green and as freaky as this!

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9. Rainbow Cupcakes

Who doesn’t want a little bit of rainbow in their life right now? I think that everyone does.

And in the month of pride a great drawing idea that you can actually try!

10. Macaroons Drawing

I still remember the summer with my sister that I had in Paris. We tried real French Macaroons. That was so much fun.

But this drawing… it takes it to a whole another level!

Such inspirational colored pencil art. Love it!

11. Realistic Eye Drawing

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn

12. Trousers Drawing

This looks quite trendy and fun (may be even difficult) to draw.

Thankfully you do not need to draw that. You can just admire it.

13. Realistic Drawing Color

This is such a cool drawing.

Yes this is a drawing. You heard me right! Not paint. What fun it would be as April fools joke haha.

14. Face Drawing Realistic

Learning how to draw a face is challenging even just a basic way. But when it is like this, it must have taken years of practice.

So cool!

15. Blue Butterfly

This is such a cute drawing of a blue butterfly. You will love drawing it!

16. Fruit Drawing

If you love fruit, this artwork is for you.

It shows you exactly all the summer vibes. It is so so pretty

17. Green Leaves Drawing

Green leaves that are realistic is so fun to draw.

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18. Jacket Drawing

I actually have a similar Jacket from Breshka. SO trendy and stylish. It ensures that you have a good taste and style.

19. Fruit Drawing

The thing about food art is that it reminds you of food and then you end up being hungry.

Also, should be taken as a compliment as that means that the art is really good.

20. Realistic Drawing Paint

Yes, another realistic paint drawing.

It is really cool and realistic.

21. Sunflower Drawing

“Then you’re left in the dust
Unless I stuck by ya
You’re a sunflower
I think your love would be too much”

Flowers are a great colored pencil art that everyone needs to see.

22. Lips Drawing

“Lips don’t lie, la-la-lie, la-lie, la-lie-lie”

This is such a cool colored pencil art. Love it!

23. Realistic Shoes

This is such a cool drawing of shoes that you must see. They look STUNNING!

24. Cherry with Drops

It portrays all the morning freshness of the garden.

25. Flower Drawing

Flower drawing is never easy, but results are usually so epic.

What do you think?

Which drawing inspired you the most?

Keep creating and give each artist a follow or like that they deserve!