Christmas is around the corner, and whether or not you are just in the mood or want to paint a Christmas card, these 10 Christmas watercolor painting ideas will help you get your creative juices flowing. 


Not only are they beginner-friendly watercolor tutorials, but they also end up looking much more sophisticated than they actually are. These step-by-step tutorials are a good mix of Christmas trees, ornaments and traditional ornaments. 

So put your favorite Christmas playlist on, make a hot chocolate and lets get painting!

Gather your supplies:


10 Christmas Watercolor Painting Ideas

christmas watercolor tutorial

1. Watercolor Christmas Home

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint watercolor home. It is going to be great as a Christmas card where you can paint one or 3 homes together. Experiment with different colors of the house using watercolors to create the colorful boost that you are seeking during the darkest month of the year. 

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2. Watercolor Christmas Ornaments

I love the different Christmas ornaments that are available. It is such a cute and simple idea to paint for you. It does not need much time from you, and as a result, you will have a gorgeous card or simply a painting that you can hang up on the wall or put up by the fireplace. You can learn the basics from these tutorials, and then pick up your favorite one, make a painting of that one. 

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3. Watercolor Christmas Tree

Painting a Christmas tree can be a challenge, and this tutorial explains how to add snow for the tutorial to look professional and very cute simultaneously, with the flair that only watercolor can provide. I think it can be a great addition to the painting of the house or Santa Clause. Grab your paints and try it out for yourself!

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4. Watercolor Pine Cone

Pine cones can be super challenging to paint for beginners. This tutorial breaks it down to a simple step-by-step process that can be followed along. It is perfect for a card or as a painting of a bunch of cones together on A4 paper together. 

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5. Watercolor Christmas Candles

Candles are the most looked-forward-to aspect of winter. Painting a flame may be challenging, but thanks to this step-by-step tutorial you can follow it along with ease and create the flames that you are looking for. Make a card of a bunch of candles together with the flame. It may or may not require other elements such as pine cones, but the practice of painting pine cones will be handy as you can see above. 

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6. Christmas Tree Ornaments

There is no such thing as too many Christmas tree ornaments. Get painting and make them as bright as you want and as detailed or as abstract as you want. As long as you understand the overall gist of how to paint the ornaments, then it is all up to you how you will be painting the decorations. 

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7. Watercolor Bird

These are absolutely stunning birds of where I am from. They are snow birds, that are full of colors and personalities. It can be a great addition to a self-made card. They are bright, and unique as well as make you look like a professional artist if they are executed well. 

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8. Watercolor Christmas Mittens

Watercolor mittens are an adventure in themselves to be painted. There are so many designs and variations, that can make your Christmas card be super unique and special, or a painting that you are super proud of. This can also be a poster if you paint 6 different variations of it. 

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9. Watercolor Santa Claus

Santa is the most essential Christmas character that you might be missing. It can be a great addition to any scene in your painting. Combine Santa with a house and a Christmas tree. It will be a painting that is super fun and festive and gets you feeling Christmasy if you arent in the mood yet. 

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10. Watercolor Christmas Tree

Is your Christmas tree up yet and all decorated? Then why not paint it and create the stunning painting of it instead of simply taking a picture?a Painting it will be much more soulful and then you can look back on them with fondness as the years go on. Pu on some music and get painting!

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