25 Realistic Colored Pencil Art you Must See!

25 Realistic Colored Pencil Art you Must See! 1

Creating colored pencil art is very epic. I have compiled a list of 25+ artworks that will make you want to learn how to use colored pencils for beginners. They are so beautiful, realistic drawings that anyone who truly wants to be inspired must pin all of the images and give each artist a follow […]

10 Father’s Day cards to give your dad

10 Father's Day cards to give your dad 3

Father’s day is right around the corner and what is better than to pick the perfect card for your dad that he will love. As kids, we used to make them ourselves. Now I think there are so many options but I will make it easier for you by compiling the top 10 cards that […]

20 quotes to inspire peace outside and inside

peace quotes

In a current state of the world, the chaos that is going on all we have control over is our inner peace and thoughts. I hope these 20 peace quotes will inspire you and help to create some more calmness in your heart and mind. If you really love them, you can save them and […]

How one artist turns receipts into art.

Receipts are such a big part of our conventional lives. We get them in the cafe and grocery store. But I think it only takes an artist to take a look at them and see that they can be a canvas for a sketch or a drawing. The artist known as @maicolle.art on Instagram took […]