This article will overview 11 Bullet Journal hacks for beginners.

Starting a Bullet Journal can be a bit daunting, overwhelming and confusing at the very start, before you will see how much it has helped you to be a more organised person.

I know how that is, trust me.

Here, I have collected my best 11 creative ideas to freshen up and improve your Bullet Journal as a whole, making sure that it works for YOU!

Let’s gather our supplies:

Every new creative hobby requires a few new supplies when getting started. Bullet Journaling is no different. Those are my favorite recommendation. 

  1. Fineliner pen:
    My favorite are: SakuraPentel and Faber Castell
  2. Highlighters:
    My favorite are: Zebra Midliner, Stabilo Boss Highlighters.
  3. Brush Pens:
    My favorite are: TomBow Colored and Black Brush pens.
  4. Bullet Journal: 
    My favorite are: Leuchtturm1917, Dingbats and Moleskine.

    If you have all of your supplies ready, let’s start!

11 Bullet Journal Hacks for Beginners

11 bullet journal hacks 1

11. Color Code your Bullet Journal:

This is simple yet I see many people do not do this trick.

You can do that with markers, highlighters or simply do it with a washi tape. 

The color coding system can be used for different life categories.

Use one swatch for categories like family, health, hobbies or blogging so that you will feel on top of your journaling game.

BuJo Key

10. Make a fold out Key:

Setting up a key and remembering what those signs mean can take a little time in a beginning.

This simple trick makes it so much more enjoyable the experience with Bullet Journaling, not having to refer back to the very front of your journal to get the information.

dutch door bullet journal

9. Use dutch doors (Life-saver!)


You have set up a beautiful spread and you didn’t give yourself enough space to write what you wanted to write.

Next spreads are already filled with other information and categories.

Creating Dutch doors for yourself is the solution in my opinion, so you do not have to guess how many pages to leave blank.

Pen Holder BuJo

8. DIY a pen holder for your Journal:

I love to take a cup of coffee in the morning, open my journal and start writing my plans for the day ahead.

More times than I like to admit, I have to stand up and look for the pen. And it can not be any pen, it has to be my favorite! ( I am a picky person.) 

If that is you, this is a lifesaver. Create your own pen holder on the journal.

You can thank me later!

7. Keep all post it notes on the same page:

Do you like to use post it notes as an extension of your bullet journaling practice?

Then, you should use this hack and keep them all on the same page.


Your mind will be clean and organized!


6. Glue in an envelope:

Do you need to not lose some important papers, receipts and make sure your journal looks clean and organized?

Take a simple envelope and glue it in.

If your notebook does not have that option already, it is a 30-second DIY that will help to improve your experience as a Bullet Journaler.

5. Use paper clips to keep your BuJo open when writing:

If you ever find your journal closing on you, take a wire clip. This will ensure that it will stay open throughout the time you want.

Sometimes that might be because your Bullet Journal is simply too creative. Use this hack!

white pen

4. Use white gel pens as a white out:

We, as humans, make mistakes.

Thankfully in a Bullet journal you can simply use your white gel pen and change what you want for better.

I do not like the white out and white gel pens usually do the trick much better!


3. Use stickers if you are nor artistic or just busy:

If you are not artistic or simply do not have time to make your journal look very pretty, then you can still be a part of the Bullet Journaling community that has epic journals.

You can buy printable stickers from places like etsy, or buy them from Amazon.

bullet journal stamps

2. Use stencils/stamps to save time:

Stencils and stamps are my preferred option, as I can still decorate the page as I want with the creative feel to it.

If you are reading this article, that means that you might still be struggling with the Bullet Journal set up.

I have bought this ebook, saved myself so much time and since my life is in order and very organised, I can focus on things that are actually important, not feeling bad that how disorganised my life is.

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