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Blog UPDATE 2021

Blog UPDATE 2021

Hello world! Thank you for reading my blog. It had been a long journey of neglecting the blog and coming back. Well I was only 15 when I registered the domain name and was playing around with different things seeing what worked and what did not. That is why today I am putting out that every week there will be inspirational content coming out for the readers to see.

I am passionate about this blog to grow into something big. It has the potential and I am just letting you know that today is the day that I am going to organise myself and actually do what I know will work.

Even if no-one reads this, it is an important piece for me. A new article will come out 2 times per week and daily all of our social media accounts will get updated. Goal ofcourse is to hire people and to grow this platform, but that still has some figuring out to do.

The schedule is that every Saturday and Sunday at 6 p.m. new article will come out and get published.

I am excited to see it grow and provide value!s