When it comes to pursuing a new passion for painting, especially watercoloring, I understand the struggle of choosing the right supplies!

As a beginner you’re likely to make a few mistakes, this is expected and even encouraged, in order to improve as an artist.

However, watercolor paints can be pretty costly and with so much variety to choose from…

I want to save you time and money with my personal best watercolour sets for beginners.

How to pick perfect watercolor paint?

Your choice should be based on your following needs:

  • Quality
  • Color
  • Permanence
  • Transparency
  • Pans or Tubes

If you’re not familiar with these terms, check out this article

 Now, let’s find you a great watercolor set below, so you can begin your next masterpiece!

The Top 5 Watercolor Paint Sets for Beginners:

Ideal for beginners interested in learning the colour theory, the Daniel Smith Introductory Set contains only 3 warm and 3 cool colors made for mixing.

The finely ground pigments in these paints allow you to create a wide range of bright and inviting colours. Check out this video to see how.

For the level of vibrancy, lightfastness and transparency it’s top value.

This set is ultimately a winner for artists who enjoy getting creative with their resources!

This watercolor paint set by Royal Talen honours the infamous dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh.

The 12 color set of 10ml tubes is said to exceed it’s student grade status, producing extremely vibrant colors that remain just as vivid once dry.

Many artists adore how easily these paints mix together and find the carrying case and brush convenient. 

Also, each of the watercolor paints are rated at an excellent lightfastness and have great transparency qualities.

If your budget allows, this is one of the best quality kits for beginners.

If you’re a budding artist eager to delve into an expansive array of colours, this one’s for you.

Reeves is renowned for being a key supplier in the art industry since 1766. So there’s no doubt that this set of 24 tubes of watercolor paint, will provide high quality despite the affordable cost.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a mixing palette or brush, therefore you will have to purchase these separately.

Nonetheless, these watercolor paints will certainly brighten up your paper and give your paintings the pop of color it needs! 

This Classics set comes with 12 half pans of all the key colors you would need to start basic. Alternatively, you can find many watercolor sets for beginners by Prima Marketing, in a variety of shades like Pastel Dreams or Decadent Pies.

The lack of transparency is made up for in price.

I particularly admire the amount of  space on the metal palette that allows artists generous mixing areas. 

If you’re looking for a watercolor starter pack with all the essentials you need to get started, look no further!

Cotman is the student line of watercolors by established and highly regarded brand, Winsor & Newton.

Although it’s synthetic fillers help keep the prices down (yay!), the quality and permanence is still super impressive.

Also the pocket box with 12 half pans and a brush, makes it easy to paint on the go, so you can parctice wherever you are.

Comes in tubes or pans and available in sets of 6, 10, 12, 14, and 24. You can simply pick a perfect selection to fit your budget and preferences.

Hopefully now you feel confident in purchasing your first watercolor set and can start thinking about what awesome art you’ll create!

Taking a class I think is the BEST next step for beginner artists. 

Check out this watercolor course for complete beginners called: “The Watercolor Workshop.”

The Watercolor Workshop is a course designed for beginner and intermediate artists wishing to explore and improve watercolor painting techniques.

This course starts with the basics and progresses gradually to more complex subjects and concepts.

The 19 modules are logically sequenced so that each module builds upon concepts learned in previous modules.