Organise your life with Brainbook!

With gentle instruction, encouragement, and down-to-earth advice, Brainbook serves as your comprehensive bullet journaling roadmap so you can turn any blank notebook into a powerful planning tool that corrals your calendar, to-do lists, notes, ideas, and long-term goals in one organized place.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to eliminate “blank page fear” and set up your journal for success from the very beginning (also includes a setup checklist!)
  • Which notebooks and other supplies are best for your needs
  • The key to maintain your journal without it sucking all of your time
  • Advanced tips and tricks to take your journal to the next level
  • Five pivotal success secrets to keep your journal top of mind so it can support everything you do 
  • What to do when your journal isn’t quite working for you

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