I will discuss 5 best art course online for beginners.

When the time comes to learn anything new, master a new skill there is no better way to achieve your goal then to take a course from a professional  who already was in your shoes and can provide you with the best information in order for you to succeed as an artist as fast as possible.


Many people when starting to learn watercolor, pencil or acrylics, are wasting plenty of time on you tube, without structure and well thought lessons.

Art course online are crucial for your success as an artist because not only do you get structured education, as well as you will learn the basics of the medium, that can not be overlooked.

Now, art course online are more affordable than ever before. It will be a very worthy investment that can make you happier) 


6 Best Art Courses to Take Online

It is the ultimate drawing course that takes you from fundamentals and over 50 projects you will come to the level of artistic skill that you always knew you should have.

There are 11 sections in this course that cover subjects like: how to draw an eye, perspective, human figure, creating texture and even how to draw in animation style.

You will get:
– personal contact with the course tutor
– quizzes and exercise worksheets
– lifetime access to the course

This course is for:
– students willing to learn how to draw
– students wanting another skill
– students willing to put in couple of hours to draw

Stan Prokopenko shows an effective approach to drawing the portrait from any angle. Then study the anatomy of eyes, nose, lips, and ears. The information is presented in an entertaining way to keep you engaged and willing to re-watch the lessons.

Includes 2 full length, real-time demonstrations of how to take a portrait from start to finish. You’ll also have access to rotating 3D models that you can use to practice and study from. Mini-lessons in the course are the same as the free versions, not extended.

Total Runtime: 7 Hours 30 Minutes

This is the course that will teach beginner and intermediate artists watercolor painting techniques. It explains in detail different watercolor materials and techniques that are necessary for ultimate success.

You will learn in detail necessary painting techniques, color theory later learning how to paint landscapes, citiscapes and portraits. 

This course comes with 18 ebooks that cover in detail each lesson taught in video format.

You will get:
– 18 illustrated ebooks
– 4.5 hours of on demand video lessons
– confidence when painting with watercolor

This course is for:
– beginner and intermediate watercolor students 

This is an ultimate course that will lay the artist’s foundation for acrylic painting and painting in general. You will learn how to stretch your own canvas, transfer images to canvas, various mediums of acrylic, abstract painting and palette knife painting.

All of that is taught through high quality video and detailed ebooks.

This course is for:
– beginner and intermediate artists

This is an in-depth course that will help you to have a strong understanding of core concepts when it comes to drawing such as materials, processes and devices.

It includes 28 videos and in-depth ebooks with illustrations. You will learn everything from line, shape, form, perspective as well as how to draw various facial features.

This course is for:
– designed for people who are looking to improve their drawing skills


This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to improve their skills when it comes to drawing with colored pencils. It has 21 downloadable e-books and easy to follow and digest videos.

You will learn how to draw various subjects including animals, landscape, still life.

You will learn how to use wax based, watercolor and oil based pencils.

This course is for:
– designed for people who are looking to improve their drawing skills

If I were you, I would take all of the following classes. Why? Because I believe they teach you the most essential drawing fundamentals that you need to learn in order to become an artist and succeed.

Keep drawing and creating!