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5 MUST-follow Art Accounts on Instagram

5 MUST-follow Art Accounts on Instagram

Now everyone is on Instagram. It can be a toxic experience that may impact you to feel bad or you can create a positive experience from the daily scroll through your feed  I have selected my favorite art accounts, 5 best that you should be following today without a drop of doubt. They all share inspirational artists or art tutorials daily. 

I use Instagram for inspiration and try to keep my feed as inspirational as possible to get the maximum benefit from the world of social media.  Because I am a great believer in the growth of social media and that it is such a groundbreaker for anyone, just need to know who you should be following.

So let’s start.

1. artist_tips_daily

This is a great art account that you can follow that posts different art tutorials, step by step that you can save and look back on later in the game. That will be great for you to be learning something new daily, or if you are looking for a free drawing guide, this art account will be able to do just that for you!

5 MUST-follow Art Accounts on Instagram 3

2. @viralartz

5 MUST-follow Art Accounts on Instagram 5

This is an art account that features artists in general. It can either be a tutorial or something that is viral and in demand that is currently going viral. Daily you will have something new to like and be impressed by.

3. @art_spotlight

5 MUST-follow Art Accounts on Instagram 7

This is mostly a video-based Instagram accounts of viral arts videos. If you like watching art videos, then this is the perfect art account for you to follow. Photos are less popular there but updated daily for you to see what is happening there.

4. @art_sanity

5 MUST-follow Art Accounts on Instagram 9

If you are into unconventional art or photography manipulation, then you should be following this account for sure. It is much more fun account than the rest of the accounts. It will make you laugh!

5. @artisthue

5 MUST-follow Art Accounts on Instagram 11

Yes, this is me! haha! I share art memes that you can look at after a long day of struggling to draw, as well as share cool artworks from new and upcoming artists, occasionally sharing useful courses blog posts and so so much more.

Now I hope that your Instagram feed is a little bit more inspirational than before. It will make you a better artist, make you laugh and simply make you wow at cool, even weird art ideas.

Simply, keep creating!