10 Watercolor Painting Ideas

By Katie Green

April 25, 2024

Welcome to the vibrant world of watercolor painting! Whether you’re picking up a paintbrush for the first time or looking to try something new, watercolor is a fantastic way to express your creativity. The magic of watercolor lies in how the colors blend on paper, creating stunning effects that are as fun to watch as they are to paint.


This list of 10 painting ideas is designed just for you, to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. From the lush red of strawberries to the serene scenes of landscapes, there’s something here for everyone. Each idea offers a chance to play with colors, experiment with techniques, and see what wonderful images you can bring to life.


Supplies You Need:

  1. Watercolor Paints

   Choose between pans or tubes. Pans are portable and beginner-friendly, while tubes offer more pigment for larger projects.


  1. Brushes

   A basic set includes small, medium, and large round brushes. Synthetic brushes are durable and affordable for those just starting out.


  1. Watercolor Paper

   Opt for 140 lb (300 gsm) paper, ideally cold-pressed, as it’s versatile and resists warping under wet washes.


  1. Palette

   A palette with wells for paint and a flat area for mixing shades is essential.


  1. Water Container

   Use a large container to rinse brushes; having two for clean and dirty water is beneficial.


  1. Paper Towels or Sponges

 Useful for blotting brushes, cleaning spills, and creating texture.


  1. Masking Tape and Masking Fluid

   Tape secures your paper and masking fluid keeps areas white as you paint around them.


  1. Sketch Pencil and Eraser

   A soft pencil for initial sketches and a gentle eraser for adjustments.


  1. Board

  A sturdy board helps keep your paper flat during painting.


These tools will help you manage various painting techniques and assist in creating stunning watercolor artwork.

10 Ideas For Your Next Painting

1. Strawberries

Strawberries are bright, colorful, and fun to paint. Capture the juicy reds and the tiny seeds, and maybe add a leaf or two for a touch of green.

2. Root Vegetables

From earthy beets to vibrant carrots, root vegetables offer a range of shapes and colors to experiment with. They’re perfect for practicing your shading and textures.

3. Lemon

This citrusy subject is all about bright yellows and capturing the shiny texture of the skin. It’s a great way to practice your skills with vibrant colors and light reflections.

4. Cherry Blossom

Soft pinks and delicate branches make cherry blossoms a favorite for many artists. They’re ideal for learning how to paint gentle, subtle color gradients.

5. Watercolor Popsicles

Get playful with watercolor popsicles! Use bright colors and experiment with blending to create these icy treats on paper.

6. Blossom Tree

A blossom tree is a bit more complex with its many flowers and branches, making it a great project for practicing composition and color balance.

7. Tiger

Challenge yourself with a tiger’s intricate patterns and fierce expression. This subject is perfect for those looking to improve their detail work in watercolor.

8. Summer Berries

Paint a mix of summer berries—blueberries, raspberries, blackberries—and enjoy playing with different shapes and shades.

9. Chickens

Yes, chickens! They might sound unusual, but they’re fantastic subjects for practicing feathers and movements with your brush.

10. Landscape

Create a serene landscape, whether it’s a beach scene, a quiet forest, or a mountain range. Landscapes can help you practice layering and creating depth with watercolors.


As you explore these ten watercolor painting ideas, remember that every brushstroke is a step towards mastering this beautiful art form. Don’t worry about perfection; focus on the joy of creating. Let your colors flow, have fun with each project, and watch as your skills bloom with every painting. Happy painting!