10 Sea Watercolor Painting Tutorials for Beginners

For a few months I have been living in Spain by the sea, so daily I love to go on walks and see the sunrises and sunsets. Just pure therapy for me. This has inspired me to level up my art skills in painting the waves and the ocean. 


It can be sometimes difficult to find the best tutorial to follow along that is foolproof and newbie friendly but these are my personal top 10 favorites for you to follow along with me. I am personally now on a drawing challenge that you can follow along on Tik Tok here, where I share my progress. 


These tutorials will help you improve your skills and inspire you to create art further.

1: Seascape with YACHTS

This looks like such a professional artwork, but trust me it is not. I have tried it myself and fell in love with it. If you do not have making fluid, do not worry, you can use white gouche or acrylic for the desired effect. 

2: Loose Watercolour Sea Practice

Learn how to paint a beautiful sea with seagulls. I love the combination of techniques and how it is easy to follow along and create a painting that won’t give away that you are a beginner. 

3: Loose Watercolour Sea Sunrise

Sunrises are magical and surreal. When I get a chance, it is literally my hobby to wake up early and meet the sunrise. Follow along this loose watercolor tutorial to learn how to paint a beautiful sunrise in watercolor for beginners. 

4. Devon Beach Watercolor Seascape

This is a tutorial of how to paint the sea. It is Devon Beach, have you ever been there? This is such a simplistic sea scene yet very accessible to copy for anyone. 

5. One Color Stormy Sky and Seascape

Stormy weather is beautiful to paint. It is when you can be the most expressive you that there is. Yes calm weather is lovely too but I feel like you can be more creative with the weather like that. 

6. Romantic Beach Sunset Scene

Romantic walks on the beach together? I love them so much so when not try to paint one for yourself. It is so simple yet so effective as a result. 

7. Wet in Wet Sky & Seascape Watercolor

Wet in wet might seem a simple technique, but when it is explained well that is when your work transcends to the new level. Paint this couple on the beach in the technique. 

8. Loose Seascape with Seagulls

Less is more. That is sometimes what can make your work professional or beginner like. Follow along this tutorial and master the art of simplicity.  

9. Breaking Waves Sea Tutorial

Breaking waves are so beautiful, yet can be tricky to know how to paint them in watercolor. There are special techniques that will make them look very effortless and beautiful. 

10: Simple Sea Landscape

Sometimes all you need is a simple sea landscape. This tutorial covers everything from painting the sea with waves to the stones on the beach. It shows a variety techniques to help you master the tutorial.